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Tinies Vintage Suitcase (PDF)


You're going to need a place to store all your Tinies Books. With just a few easy folds and an Altoids mint tin (1.76oz), you can create a Vintage Suitcase to store your entire Questions with Answers Tinies library.

Each Tinies book is filled with the questions, answers, and scripture verses from Songs for Saplings albums. There's even a bookcase to store them in! 

You'll want to collect them all!

The Tinies Bookcase and the Vintage Suitcase

God and Creation Tinies Vol. 1 

The  Fall and Salvation  Tinies Vol. 2 

Christ and His Work Tinies Vol. 3 

The Word of God Tinies Vol. 4

Prayer and the Sacraments Tinies Vol. 5

Christ and His Return Tinies Vol. 6





Not included: Mint tin - dimensions: Top lid outer: 2.36" (59.9mm) x 3.75"(95mm) Tin bottom: 2.3"(58.75mm) x 3.7"(93.9mm)

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